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Convert OGG to FLAC

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OGG format is one of lossy compression formats that are usually used when compact file size is the priority. If people consider sounding quality the most important factor, they choose one of the lossless formats such as FLAC. Sometimes OGG similarly is not supported by software a user runs. Converting OGG to other lossy format can worsen sounding quality. That is why it is more reasonable to convert OGG sources to lossless format, saving the current audio quality. As a variant you can convert OGG to FLAC – one of the most popular lossless music formats.

Total Audio Converter can perform such conversion smoothly. It has simple user interface that features different adjustable parameters for conversion. FLAC is a format that implies encoding audio information in its original form, so minimum of settings are provided for it:

  • Destination (for setting location of the future file copies);
  • Combine (convert all selected sources into one single FLAC file)
  • Part (for selecting specific fragment for conversion when a single file is converted)

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This audio converter creates exact copies of OGG originals in FLAC format. You can be sure that the output files will have the same quality of sounding as the originals. If you don't need originals after conversion is done, you can set their automatic deletion. You only need to checkmark the proper function in settings manager. To launch OGG FLAC converter you need only specify OGG files you need to convert and press FLAC button in the format bar. Regardless of how many files you select to a source batch, the process of conversion will be the same.

Convert OGG to FLAC

You can run the program from the command line. Just enable Windows command line, write a simple command and get your files converted without need to launch program's interface. If you want to perform OGG to FLAC conversions in background mode, you need Total Audio Converter X.

Download Total Audio Converter in free trial to test its performance on your audio files.

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