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The Total Image Converter was designed to assist Olympus camera users convert their raw ORF image files into state of the art, multiuse JPEG 2000 images. Although cameras are designed to collect images, they sometimes aren't that great at displaying those images beyond the camera viewer. ORF is an example of how companies like Olympus use what are known as proprietary technologies; meaning the file format their devices produce aren't universally acceptable. That's where the Total ORF to JPEG 2000 Converter steps in to help.

At CoolUtils, we know that what you're looking for is a way to modify all those weird proprietary formats and turn them into something usable. So we've built the Total Image Converter as an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that can quickly and efficiently handle the conversions for you whether you're looking to work with one file at a time, or an entire batch of ORF images. The Total ORF to JPEG 2000 Converter doesn't simply allow you view pictures; it lets you turn them into professional quality images; improving their utility in the process:
  • Fewer communication errors.
  • Wider range of supported colors.
  • Progressive transmission.
  • Increased resolution accuracy.
  • Enhanced compression.
  • A boost in performance

With the Total ORF to JPEG 2000 Converter tool, you will no doubt discover the amazing difference that the JPEG 2000 format can make (even when compared to its predecessor the JPEG)! With the Total ORF to JPEG 2000 Converter you'll have access to an image conversion app that's second to none. Whatever your visual project needs, we can help you meet them!

See for yourself what everyone is talking about with our free 30-day trial and explore some of the other proprietary image file formats that we offer help in converting to JPEG 2000 including: RAW, CRW, DNG, NEF, SRF, CR2, BAY and MRW and more!

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