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OST is a storage file for offline folders of MS Outlook. It is practically impossible to get into it and see what messages it contains by any other way except using a native application. If you got some OST files and need to extract texts from there, try to convert OST to ODT format. It is a text document type supported by various open source editors like OpenOffice. In ODT emails encoded into OST file will be available for reading, editing and printing, similar to a common text file.

Such conversion is possible with Total Outlook Converter. This program serves for turning OST and PST files to more usable file types (texts, images, web pages, etc.). With its help you can easily extract entire mail storage or specific mails from OST and save them to ODT file.

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This OST converter can do the job in two ways:

Green PlusConvert each message to separate ODT file

Green PlusExport all messages to one specific ODT document

If you select the first variant, the program will offer you to set a name template for ODT copies in order to sort them properly. By setting up the name template, you can reflect the original email ID or date right in the name of the copy, i.e. it will be clear what message this file contains.

There is also an ability to perform conversion of specific mail fields. OST files contain mails in their original structure, and it is possible to export their specific fields to a new format. This way you can get rid of date, subject and convert only mail body. Also it is possible to convert OST to Open Office format together with mail attachments. For converting other types of attached files you will need Total Outlook Converter Pro.

You can download any of the versions and try them right now!

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   Updated Fri, 22 Oct 2021
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