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Convert OST to TXT

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ost converter

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Total Outlook Converter is also called OST converter due to the new feature, which allows users to convert OST to TXT and other platform-independent formats. Featuring an intuitively laid out interface and an easy-to-follow wizard, this tool has gained respect among both experienced and first-time users.

This opportunity of converting Outlook OST to TXT is highly appreciated by business persons who have to manage business correspondence on a regular basis. The program saves the users the need of using Outlook. Also, it rids them of the necessity of converting files one by one, since it features batch option. This option allows you to convert as many OST files to TXT as you wish.

One good thing about this converter is ease of use. It does not take a lecture for an experienced user to explain to a novice how to use it. Consequently, it does not take a trip to a lecture for a novice to learn how to use it either. All you need to do is actually read the interface and follow the wizard.

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How to make OST into TXT

There is nothing big that you are required to do.

Green PlusRun Total Outlook Converter and view the folder tree on the left.

Green PlusFind the folder with the file(s), which you need to save as TXT files. Once you click on that folder, all the OST files it has will be displayed in the file list. Now, you can check the ones that you need to convert to TXT.

Green PlusIf you press Check All button, all the files will be ticked, so if you select TXT as a target format and click Start now, all the files will be converted to TXT. This is the batch option mentioned above.

Green PlusThe wizard has several options, which allow you to shape, name and save your files as you see fit and in the right destination folder.

Green PlusOnce you have specified all the parameters, you can click Start and have all your checked files converted.

Convert OST to TXT

Considering the amount of work it saves you, the program is worth its price. By the way, you can download the 30-day demo version and have a little training. It won't take long! Registered users enjoy free updates and all sorts of technical support.

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Buy Total Outlook Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Mon, 18 Feb 2019

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