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  As the most of major digital camera brands, Olympus has its own format for storing photos in camera memory. This is ORF, a format that saves the image captured by camera sensor (one of RAW image formats). ORF format cannot be edited by common graphic software and also are very big in size. That is why using such photos for designs or storing in hard disk memory pose problems. However ORF converter can solve any of these problems by exporting ORF images to more suitable format.

You may find all you need for processing ORF files in Total Image Converter. This utility is created for easy change of image file formats and is able to convert ORF to one of these formats: JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX, TGA.

free download image converter

In order to convert photos from Olympus, you can upload them to a hard disk if you have enough free space or just connect your camera memory card to a computer and convert directly from it. The integrated navigation allows to view the content of all disk folders, flash memory disks and cards. All files are displayed in thumbnail mode, for more detailed preview you can just click on the file icon, and it will be opened in the right-side viewer inbuilt into Total Image Converter.

In the box located under image viewer you can view the parameters of the chosen image (size, color palette, file type, etc.). In such a way you will be aware of existing file characteristics in order to adjust them correctly for conversion. When converting, this Olympus image converter allows to change size, format, color, quality and compression mode of source images, making them perfectly suitable to your needs.

Total Image Converter is an all-in-one converter for ORF files that will require minimum of time to convert dozens of Olympus photos. Download it and install for free.

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