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Convert Outlook Emails With Attachments to XHTML

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Outlook keeps emails locally on your computer in a PST file, and using Total Outlook Converter Pro you can easily turn them into xHTML pages. xHTML file contains the entire web-page including all text and graphic content. It is comfortable to store emails in this format, publish or share them online. By converting mails from Outlook to xHTML you will be able to read them outside of mail client, while native PST is not supported by any user apps.

Total Outlook Converter Pro features a handful pack of features for converting electronic mails to various formats. Its major different from the standard version is ability to process attached files. No matter what type of the attachment original mail has, it will be processed by the program properly. You can convert Outlook emails with attachments to xHTML by choosing one or a few of these options:

Green PlusSave attachments to a new folder

Green PlusUnpack attached archives

Green PlusInsert attached images into xHTML mail copy

Green PlusConvert attached messages to xHTML too (conversion to a separate file is available too)

Green PlusConvert attached documents to xHTML (and save to a new file)

Additionally, when inserting images to a converted email, the program can adapt its size to fit the page. If attached images are too big, they will be automatically zoomed.

xHTML format allows rich styling by CSS. In Total Outlook Converter Pro you can apply CSS settings both automatically and manually. You can use a CSS configuration from external file or tune CSS properties inside the settings wizard. The program not just extracts emails from PST to xHTML but also styles them on the go. As a result you will get web pages fully adapted for further publishing online.

Total Outlook Converter Pro is available in different languages. Download this tool right here!

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Buy Total Outlook Converter Pro NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Sat, 15 Jan 2022
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