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Total Outlook Express Converter

Convert Outlook Express to HTML Fast

While emailing is rather popular worldwide, the functionality of electronic mails is limited due to the standard they are saved in. Different mail clients use different formats for storing email history. One way to make your Outlook Express emails readable for any user is to convert them to HTML. When saved in HTML, the letter can be viewed simply via web browser or used as a file attachment to another email.

outlook express converter

You can convert Outlook Express emails to HTML in batch, within a few clicks, if you have Total Outlook Express Converter. This utility is developed specially for exporting Outlook Express emails to different formats, including HTML.

Automatic synchronization allows Outlook Express converter to display the current content of your mailbox directly in the program. Check off all emails for conversion in the email list. It is opened, if you click on one of the mailbox folder. If you need to convert Outlook Express to HTML, you will need to press HTML button after all source files are checked off.

Total Outlook Express Converter from CoolUtils provides:

  • Automatic synchronization with your mail client
  • Efficient batch email conversion
  • Adjustable option for proper email data rendering
  • In-built email viewer
  • Attachment conversion
  • Lots of target formats (PDF, DOC, TXT, TIFF)

When making settings, you can give new names to the converted emails. The new file name can contain an email subject, sender, date or any other field(s) chosen as a name template. It helps to sort converted messages properly, when making batch conversion. When you save Outlook Express emails as HTML files, you can also store attachments in a separate folder. In such a way you will fully render all the information from emails to a more suitable form.

Try the converter for free before making a purchase. Download 30 days free trial right now!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


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