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Coolutils Outlook Plugin

How to Export Emails from Outlook to EML

EML files are the proprietary format of emails saved using the desktop email client known formerly as Outlook Express, which is now integrated into Outlook and Outlook.com. Though Outlook Express is discontinued, the EML file format is still used widely as an archiving tool, as it stores emails in ASCII plain text with hyperlinks and attachments.

The typical conversion process from current Outlook file format (.pst) to EML is as follows:

  • Save the file from Outlook as an external file that can be uploaded to a converter, either a .pst file or as a message file (.msg). This is done using the save as menu item found in the file menu.
  • The second step can vary widely, but this is when a conversion program steps in. Some are for desktop and some operate online, but each will involve importing the file you exported in the previous step.
  • Export the EML file from the converter software's menu to a designated location on your hard drive.

In most cases, converting from Outlook to EML is a simple three-step process. While this may work for a home user with no encroaching deadlines, it may not work for a busy office, particularly where there hundreds of emails to convert rather than one. Fortunately, CoolUtils provides a one-click solution for Outlook to EML conversion that eliminates the above considerations. Our Outlook Plugin, which includes conversions to many other forms of media such as pdf, .docx, and HTML, also includes and EML converter. Rather than having you search through a bunch of file folders to find the files, our software shows up as a button in Outlook's add-in menu.

From there, our wizard will allow far more control than most complete conversion applications and you can save those EML files wherever you like without having to leave Outlook or open another application. You may also notice the above is for converting files one at a time, but without our Outlook Plugin, you can simply hand-select the items you'd like to convert using checkboxes (or shift-select them by the hundreds if they're already grouped), and carry out bulk conversions while you focus on other business.


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