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Who said customizing the converted Outlook emails into other easily accessible formats is going to be a rocket science? Total Outlook Converter Pro from the house of CoolUtils allows you to easily convert the Outlook emails into PDF, HTML, XHTML, DOC, TXT, EML, JPEG and TIFF in batch. To further boost the accessibility, the tool also allows you to customize the converted documents the way you want:

  1. Insert logo or image on the go
    No high-end steps required! Effortlessly insert the images, logo or QR codes onto the header and footer of the document with the total outlook converter pro.
  2. Add legal notes, date, watermarks and stamp bates
    Straightforwardly make your document more presentable by adding date or protect the copyrights with a text watermark, or preserve the integrity through legal notes or stamp bates through easy to use interface.
  3. Take care of the attachments
    Easily access and manage the attachments along with the converted file. Choose either to attach the documents as a clickable link or embed them at the end of the mail body or save the attachments separately in the new folder. Total Outlook Converter Pro takes care of all these aspects.
  4. Change the time zone of the emails
    The received email is not in your timeline? Just convert the timestamp over the emails into UTC.
  5. Add page counter
    The tool allows you to add page counter in the footer of the file. You only need to specify the digits.
  6. Set your own margins
    Too much right or too much left? Justify and align the document as per your choices - no questions asked!

This and a lot more - only with Total Outlook Converter Pro. Easily instruct the tool either through its easy UI or GUI command line. Why leave the contacts and those important events in the outlook calendar behind? Convert them to other easily accessible documents. This tool does it all

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Updated Fri, 22 Oct 2021

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