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Included in our Coolutils Outlook Plugin is a single-click Outlook to HTML converter, along with a familiar wizard that makes email conversions and customization of output HTML files simple. Just install the plugin and get the new Convert to HTML button in your Outlook menu.

HTML has been a go-to file format for sending information via the Internet for over twenty years, and for good reason. It is a relatively light format, and virtually every modern device has a built-in web browser capable of rendering it without the need for additional software.

HTML handles images and attachments fairly well without bloated file sizes, so it is also a solid method of archiving your emails in a format that can be retrieved later.

All formats in our Outlook plug-in have some form of appearance customization. This is perhaps most suited for HTML files because of the changes are done using CSS. As we know, CSS has been sibling to HTML since its early days, so anyone who is used to working with should have a working knowledge of how to control the output aesthetics.

Exclusive to the HTML format is the ability to choose whether the files contain built-in images, giving you more control over the resulting visuals as well as the file sizes. You can also decide to store all email attachments in a separate folders that are labeled according to your specification, with clear naming conventions that make archiving old emails as painless as possible.

save outlook email as html

Many different applications are capable of viewing and editing HTML files directly, giving you another option in terms of how to open and edit the individual files. Smartphones have HTML viewers that work in the absence of a browser, for instance. Office programs like Microsoft's Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher each have different ways of handling this file type, or a basic text editor can display it in raw form. This makes the HTML format one of the most versatile among the different options we provide.

Now you can perform-click conversions from the Outlook ribbon, which automatically converts e-mails to DOC and places then into the destination folder of your choice. It's fast, convenient and safe. Try now!

Coolutils Outlook Plugin works fine with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

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