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Coolutils Outlook Plugin

Neat Save Email As JPEG add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Ever wanted to save emails as JPEG images right in Outlook? As part of our Coolutils Outlook Plugin software, we include an email to JPEG converter. Open your Outlook, select an email and press Convert to JPEG button. So easy! Now you can view archived emails on any device with the most basic image viewer.

JPEGs have survived the onset of more Internet-friendly file formats like TIFFs and BMPs for one reason: they look better on paper. The fonts tend to be a bit smoother, the edges a bit less pixelated, and the colors more vivid. Many who would convert emails to image formats operate in businesses where visuals are of greater importance, and for those operators, we provide the Outlook email to JPEG converter in our Outlook plug-in software. If you'd like an image-based output file but need to consider hard disk space, there is also an Outlook to TIFF converter included in the package.

  • JPEG files are visually as crisp as PDF files or fully-rendered HTML, except there is no possibility that the content will be altered or compromised after you've stored or sent it. The image format guarantees lossless translation with the added benefit of decisive labeling.
  • This format is capable of accepting all stylistic changes present in the less static types before output is finalized. It includes changes to the headers and footers, adding page counters, stamping bates and alterations to the font type and size of every element within the Outlook export.
  • You can also place additional artwork like company logos within the output JPEG file.
  • You can also manage attachments. Save them in their oroginal file types or convert to JPEG and embed into the resulting file.
  • Each conversion job also provides detailed log files for your records, so you will know exactly what occurred in the unlikely event that any files failed to convert.

The result is a collection of archived Outlook e-mails that you can reach without any email app with just any free file viewer. Get your copy now to save Outlook emails in one click (the plugin is not limited to JPEG, it also saves emails as PDF, DOC, TIFF, HTML, EML, XHTML files).

Coolutils Outlook Plugin works fine with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.


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