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Coolutils Outlook Plugin

Accurate Save Email as PDF Add-In for Outlook

Our Coolutils Outlook Plugin comes equipped with an Outlook to PDF converter that would be exceptional even as a standalone program. It allows you to save Outlook emails as PDF file format that opens in any pdf reader and most web browsers. The PDF conversion provides most of the options found in both image-based and text-based documents, along with a few security measures that are exclusive to this file type, making it the most versatile option among them.

PDFs have always been an effective way to send information without concerns over the document getting altered without permission, either in transition or by the recipient. This file output provides a good balance between the other conversion options. Unlike image files like JPEGs and TIFFs, PDF files can be edited if you possess the proper software. On the other hand, they are more immutable than .doc files, which can usually be changed from read-only to editable with the press of a button.

The challenge has always been to find an efficient way to convert sensitive documents without using the time-consuming conversion utilities available on the web, particularly with Outlook e-mail documents that need to be exported and then converted. We've solved this problem by creating an add-on that integrates with Microsoft's Outlook, allowing e-mail conversions with a single click.


  • The straightforward interface makes saving Outlook emails as PDF simple for any level of expertise. You can combine all documents in a folder into a single multi-page file for simplistic archiving, or you can save each individual e-mail as separate PDFs if you only want to convert a certain amount out of a batch.
  • A table of contents page can be added to the singular files for easier access to each individual email.
  • Powerful options to enhance the output PDF like adding page numbers, changing the style of headers and footers, and modifications to the appearance.
  • All the inherent security measures that make PDFs a solid choice for archiving and sharing Outlook e-mail content are present. You'll no longer require an expensive, bulky PDF reader to add features like encryption and digital signatures, so you can store and share your converted PDFs without worrying about prying eyes.
  • Our Coolutils Outlook Plugin also allows you to compress PDF files during conversion. It is organized in three levels of speed during conversion: fastest, which offers the least amount of compression and consequently has larger file outputs; normal, which is a balance between speed and size; and maximum, which has the highest degree of compression but takes longer to convert.

Coolutils Outlook Plugin works fine with 32-bit Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016.


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