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  Such rare audio formats like PAF have one major shortcoming – very poor support by virtual and hardware players. If you have PAF audio collection and want to use it for playing on your common MP3 player or stereo system, it is necessary to convert PAF to MP3 or WMA.

An easy-to-use conversion tool is Total Audio Converter from CoolUtils. It is able to solve any compatibility problem with your PAF tracks by converting it to one of ten music file formats. The facilities of this audio converter are enough to make PAF files suitable for any playback device, whether it is a mobile phone or portable music player.

Total Audio Converter supports PAF as a source format. This means that you can choose PAF files for converting to different formats. For instance, you can enable such conversions as:

  • PAF to MP3
  • PAF to WMA
  • PAF to OGG
  • PAFF to APE
  • PAFF to AAC
  • PAFF to FLAC

WAV, MPC, MP4 and AMR are also supported. The process of conversion is extremely simple. First you need to choose proper source files, using the integrated navigator. Just click on required folder and check off all files you need to convert in the content list. Then click on the format you wish to convert files to. In such a way you will enable PAF converter mode you need.

If you have no any requirements for audio settings, click 'Start!' and the conversion will be started. If you want to change audio settings manually, use in-built settings managers that pops up automatically after you choose the target format. All settings are structured in handy inlays, the process takes seconds. Depending on the format, settings may vary. Most often it is a samplerate, bitrate, channels and quality.

Total Audio Converter is handy enough to fit novices. However it is also functional enough to be a perfect choice for a professional user. Try it by yourself right now!

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