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Convert PDF to TIFF in C#

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html pdf converter in c#Total PDF ConverterX can convert PDF to TIFF in C#. This means you can use the converter from your web server or launch it via ActiveX in various web-based applications. Also this version of converter can be used from the command line. Total PDF ConverterX is a web-oriented version of Total PDF Converter for Windows OS. It is handled via simple code commands instead of graphic user interface. If you need to include PDF to TIFF conversion to your own application functionality, Total PDF ConverterX is an ideal choice. Application users will be able to convert their files directly in a web browser.

Total PDF ConverterX includes ActiveX which can be easily used in C#. This ActiveX has 2 main methods:

  1. Convert Method: the first parameter is the source file, the second is the target file, then there are all conversion parameters.
  2. ConvertToStream Method. You can stream resulting TIFF straight to the user.

Converting PDF to TIFF makes it possible to edit documents without expensive Adobe software required for editing PDF files. Being a graphic format, TIFF is good for printing and can be viewed by the most of image viewers used today. Using C# PDF converter, you will get high-quality TIFF copies of PDF originals with specific options like:

  1. Adjustable destination and file name: you can save converted files anywhere you need and under any names you need specifying it in conversion command.
  2. Adjustable quality: you can convert PDF to TIFF with any DPI value which defines image quality (the higher DPI is, the higher quality is);
  3. Wide range of compression modes to choose from: compression helps to save memory space and traffic during online file sharing and Total PDF ConverterX offers seven different compression modes that can be used while converting to TIFF;
  4. Multipage conversion: you can convert each page of PDF originals into separate TIFF file;
  5. Any number of originals to convert in one command: Total PDF ConverterX supports both single and batch conversion.

All of the features described above can become available for you and your web application users with the help of Total PDF ConverterX. Download it for use from the command line or ActiveX in trial or licensed version.

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021
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