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Convert PDF to BMP

PDF format is one of the most popular nowadays, mostly used for representing printing editions in the electronic form. Viewing PDF files is possible via free Adobe Acrobat Reader application, but their creation and editing requires paid Adobe Acrobat software. If you would like to use the graphic information from PDF files for your own purposes, it will be more convenient to extract it by converting PDF to BMP format. Why BMP? Because this is the format that transforms graphics with no loss in quality. And BMP files are suitable for editing and optimization via multiple free graphic editors.

convert pdf to bmp

To convert PDF to BMP format all you need is appropriate application called PDF BMP converter. Try to select simple but powerful package that is able to perform conversion with different DPI resolution, page size and ability of page-to-page conversion (each PDF-page into separate BMP-file). This will help you to get the most convenient form of BMP representation, suitable for your purposes. The best solution in this niche is Total PDF Converter, undoubtedly the most easy-to-use program with extended functionality.

Total PDF Converter allows rendering PDF into BMP with different DPIs, that can be set in program wizard. This PDF BMP converter can combine all PDF pages into one BMP file or make separate files for each page. You can set the format of future BMP file names so that all of them will correspond to one general format. As for the page size, this parameter is also adjustable, so you can select one that suits you best.

All these options can be set in a few clicks with no complicated navigation through the program windows. The user interface is simple and logically optimized so that everything is at hand.

Try Total PDF Converter now for free and ensure in its utmost convenience.


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