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If you have tried the harm's way to convert a lot of PDF files one by one over a short period of time, please, try to forget about that as soon as possible. Now there is a powerful utility, which runs circles around the ones you have tried altogether. It is Total PDF Converter. This converter supports PPT, so you can make your PDF files into PowerPoint files anytime.

download pdf ppt converter

If you have a PDF presentation, you can make it editable if you convert PDF to PowerPoint (PPT). Most important, you can do it easily. The program is built in such a way as to save you the necessity of reading manuals. The interface will actually prompt you the right direction.

In order for users to avoid confusion, the program is set to save target files in the same order as the source files. Batch function enables you to convert lots of files at once. Command line option allows you to convert PDF to PPT without exiting programs you are now operating.

How to Use This PDF PPT Converter

This is standard.

Green PlusRun it and check the file tree. Click on the folder, which is known to contain source PDF files. They will be shown in the middle section. If there is one or a few files that you want to convert to PowerPoint, check them manually. If you are converting the whole group, press "Check all".

Green PlusSelect PPT in the format toolbar and check the wizard's options. These options will help you achieve the desired output quality level. You can either skip it and use the default options or specify your preferred options. Make sure you have chosen the right destination, so that you know in which folder your PPT files will be found. Set an appropriate file name template.

Green PlusThe once set options will be applied automatically every next time you convert PDF to PPT until you change them.

Green PlusPress the Start button to convert PDF to PowerPoint.

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Buy Total PDF Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 21 Apr 2017

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