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We all know that PDF documents often contain images; also, we know that Adobe files cannot be edited, which makes then truly safe and yet hard-to-deal-with. Of course, you can make screen shots of the images saved in PDF files and then paste them into a Paint document. However, this process will take you very long, especially if you need to deal with several multi-page PDFs.

Let us present Total PDF Converter, an easy solution to convert PDF into TIFF, excluding text. This is a batch PDF converter, which means that you can export as many PDF files as you like into TIFF in one go.

You need to follow 5 simple steps to convert PDF to TIFF in batch. But before you can convert PDF to TIFF, images only, you should get TotalPDFConverter.exe and install it. Please, find a trial version of Total PDF Converter on the official website of CoolUtils. It is absolutely free and ready to use. Check it out before making the purchase decision!

download batch pdf converter

Once you have downloaded and installed Total PDF Converter on your computer:

Green PlusOpen the converter. Take advantage of intuitive user interface or quick access via command line.

Green PlusSelect PDF documents you plan to convert; the list of all files available on your computer is generated automatically by Total PDF Converter. You can export hundreds of Adobe documents thanks to batch processing mode enabled in the converter.

Green PlusClick the "TIFF" button to make it the target format; you can find the button on the toolbar.

Green PlusClick "Start!" to launch PDF-TIFF conversion with the default settings.

You can use Total PDF Converter to deal with files in other formats as well; EPS, PS and PRN are supported original formats. The list of output formats supported by Total PDF Converter is available here.

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Buy Total PDF Converter NOW!
(only $39.90)
   Updated Wed, 25 Nov 2020

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