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PLT files contain drawings adapted for printout. Such files cannot be shared or viewed online due to the poor compatibility with web browsers and file viewers. You can avoid this problem by transforming drawings from PLT to PS format. PS is very like with PDF, it is supported by web browsers and various programs. Total CAD Converter can convert PLT to PS and gives you a wide choice of additional settings to make exported files suitable for your requirements. This tool supports a wide range of other formats for conversion, PLT to PS is only one of the available options.

As there are no limitations in the number of files for conversion, Total CAD Converter can be used for commercial purposes, where a lot of files have to be processed regularly. It gives the ability to turn PLT to PS in batch - all files together. This is far more convinient than converting them one by one, repeating settings for each. Tens or hundreds of files are easily handled by this batch CAD converter.

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Its interface contains four major parts for easy and quick configuration:

Green PlusIntegrated folder tree: helps to surf through folders and find sources quickly

Green PlusFile list: gives the ability to check PLT sources for conversion;

Green PlusBuilt-in drawings viewer: gives you a chance to revise the files content

Green PlusTarget format bar: contains all supported formats for conversion

Convert PLT to PS

Go through these elements in this order, and you will see a settings wizard appear after pressing on the format icon. When you convert CAD drawings to PS, you should click the PS icon. In the wizard you will see a list of available settings. You can set up the destination folder. Destination defines where the PS copies will be stored.

If you want to test these features, download CAD converter in a trial version.

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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