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Convert PLT to SWF In Batches

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Total CAD converter demonstrates exceptional versatility combined with unbelievable simplicity and user friendliness. This is a highly sophisticated CAD conversion utility, which incorporates an extensive array of functions. All these functions are readily visible on the interface and wizard.

One of the functions allows you to convert PLT to SWF in batches. This means that you can set your converter to render a large group of PLT files in SWF. You can simply check the whole group and get it going.

With this converter, you can conveniently send your SWF files to specified folders so that you will not have to look for your SWF files every time you need them. Also, the program retains the settings, which you have used previously. Consequently, you do not need to readjust your settings every next time you use this batch PLT SWF converter.

Because this tool integrates into the right-button menu upon installation, you can handle a PLT file via the desktop through a right-click.

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How to Turn PLT into SWF

Green PlusNavigate the screen and use this program intuitively. Check the file tree and select the folder with PLT files. Then go to the middle panel, in which these PLTs will be listed. Each one has a checkbox. Tick the PLTs, which you are going to make into SWF. To batch-convert, press the "Check All" button. All the source files will be checked.

Green PlusSelect SWF as your target format and go through the wizard's options. These include destination folder, resize, colors, rotate, crop, as well as document options, which include compression, photometric interpretation and paper size. You can either adjust each option as you like or skip it and leave the default settings.

Green PlusPress "Start!" to convert PLT to SWF. It takes moments for this CAD converter to finish the work.

Convert PLT to SWF In Batches

If you are still having doubts, press the Free Download button and check the free version. You will have 30 days to check its basic options and functions. After that, you are going to have to purchase the key to activate it.

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021
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