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Convert PNG to PS In Batches

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Total Image Converter is an advanced graphic file converter featuring a variety of image editing options. With this converter close at hand, you can convert PNG to PS in batches, which is very convenient and time-saving. Besides, you can adjust image size, resolution, add logos, comments and dates, crop/rotate/resize images and apply a variety of coding options.

The program has a handy user interface and is integrated into Windows upon installation. That means that once you get this converter on your PC, the "Convert to" option appears in the Windows right-button menu. Now you can process PNG images from the desktop through a right-click.

This batch image converter has command line option and therefore it can be operated from within various utilities.

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How to Convert PNG to PS

Green PlusInstall Total Image Converter, run the interface and check the folder tree. Click on the folder, in which you have saved your PNG images and check the ones that you want to process. Use thumbnail or detailed image mode to view the list in your preferred way.

Green PlusNow you can see how this PNG Ps converter's full potential can be used: press the Check all button and have all your PNG images checked and ready for conversion. Thus you can set this tool to process several hundreds of PNG files.

Green PlusSelect PS in the toolbar and apply the aforementioned editing options, if necessary. Use the icons right above the file list: rotate, resize, crop, watermarks (includes comments, logos and dates) and frames. Preview your images using the built-in viewer.

Green PlusSelect PS in the format bar and check the wizard's options.

  • Set destination path for your PS files. In the Transform tab you can see the editing options discussed above.

  • Set transparency for your target images.

  • In the Watermarks tab, go over the options once again.

Green PlusPress "Start" to actually convert PNG to PS.

You can download the demo version of this desktop converter and spend 30 days testing it on your images. Buy the license version and get free upgrades for a year. We appreciate all criticism from our customers since we are working around the clock to improve our products' functionality and add new advanced features. Please, feel free to share your feedback with us any time!

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