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How To Convert PNG To TGA

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If you are still wondering what kind of software to use and how to convert PNG to TGA quickly, here is the answer. Install our advanced Total Image Converter and make your own opinion about our product. Thanks to our permanent striving for the best, we have all grounds to solemnly declare our converter to be the best.

First, we dare say that because you can convert a batch of PNG files without handpicking them. This speeds up and simplifies the procedure, which would otherwise have been way too lengthy and cumbersome. Second, it features command line support, which allows users to process files from within other utilities. Finally, the program is structured in such a way that any user can promptly master it regardless of IQ level.

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Launch Our PNG TGA Converter and Have Fun

There is nothing tricky about using this image converter:

Green PlusIf you have PNG images and would like to transform them into TGA images, use the folder tree and click the folder containing PNG images. The folder tree is found in the left-hand section.

Green PlusAfter that, view the middle section of the interface, in which the PNG files with checkboxes will appear. Files to be processed should be checked. Therefore, next thing you should do is check them. You have two options: either check one or a few PNGs manually or press the "Check all" button and thus check the whole batch. In the latter case, all the PNGs will be subject to conversion.

Green PlusWhen you have checked the needed files, select TGA in the format toolbar or use the "Convert" menu.

Green PlusThe wizard will give you the following options: Destination, Transform, Transparency, Watermarks and Start Conversion:

  • Destination allows you to specify the folder, in which you would like to store your TGA files. Transform option has three sub-options: rotate, resize and crop, which allow you to change position of images, change image size and cut off unwanted parts of your pictures.

  • Transparency offers you a number of transparency color options. You can apply transparency color taken from any part of your source image, use transparency color grid or create a non-transparent image.

  • Watermark option allows you to add comments, logos and frames to your images and edit them.

Green PlusIn order to initiate conversion process, select "Start Conversion" or press the "Start" button. Here is a video showing you the whole process:

Please, do not rely on this description alone. For better understanding, download the free trial version and spend the 30-day trial period making PNG into TGA.

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