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How To Convert PNG To TIFF

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Converting PNG to TIFF can be a lot of fun if you use a good image converter. Nowadays, what makes a good image converter or any other software tool is versatility and ease of use. Simply put, any good converter should be fun to use.

Total Image Converter has a number of features, which make it fun to use for even newbies. For example, it has batch-function, which enables you to process hundreds of PNG images at one stroke.

Command line option saves you the necessity to exit whatever program you are using at the moment. You can turn PNG into TIFF from under this program. However, this takes a little bit of experience.

To see how simple this converter is, watch the video:

Have Fun with Our PNG TIFF Converter

Green PlusRun the interface. Select the folder with the PNG images on the left-hand side of the screen and check the exact PNGs, which you are going to process. If you press the Check all button below, all the PNGs will be checked.

Green PlusSelect TIFF in the toolbar or open the Convert menu and select it there.

Green PlusApply the wizard's options, which include Destination, Transform, TIFF compression, Photometric, Colors and Watermark. Transform combines three separate functions: crop, rotate and resize. These allow you to remove unwanted parts of your images, change position and image size. You can experiment with TIFF compression, Photometrics and Color options to achieve your preferred image quality level or change nothing and use default parameters.

Green PlusPress Start in the end. If you have pressed Check all and there is a large group of PNG files in your chosen folder, conversion will take a little while. The newly created TIFF files will be saved in your selected destination folder.

If you have viewed the video, you must have seen how easy it is to convert PNGs with this program. To complete the experience, download the free demo version from our website and repeat the action!

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