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Convert PRN to BMP Command Line

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PRN files are used for printing different information in correct layout. If you wish to turn them to common images, try conversion to BMP. If you prefer to run such operations on a web server, not on the desktop, use Total PDF ConverterX. This program will convert PRN to BMP via command line and provide users with BMP images ready for use. It works for many users, one license will be enough to cover the needs of your local network. Moreover, Total PDF ConverterX can serve as an online converting application, processing files over the Internet.

Once the script is installed on a web server (in-house or virtual), you can send conversion commands to it and receive converted files back. Typically only three parameters are required to state in the command:

Green Pluslocation of the original PRN files

Green Pluslocation for the desired BMP images

Green Plusconversion format (BMP)

A command with such properties will look like:

PDFConverterX.exe /sources/*.PRN /converted/ -cBMP

Additionally user is able to adjust BMP parameters to achieve proper formatting of desired images automatically. The upper command will convert all the PRN files located in specified folder to BMP. This is a batch PRN BMP converter that can process a lot of files together. And options stated in a command will be used for every source in the batch. Dividing files into batches is reasonable, when a few PRN originals require the same settings.

Originally there is no user interface for Total PDF ConverterX. As any other web app it is simply a script that can be wrapped into any front-end. This is possible with the help of ActiveX. The same way the features of PRN BMP converter can be integrated into another web service. The most standard way is using the program as it is by sending conversion requests to a web server.

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   Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021

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