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Convert PRN to CSV Command Line

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It is almost impossible to move information from PRN files to CSV format, as PRN is a file type for printout. It contains not only the information itself, but just its digital description for print devices. There are no PRN editors that you can use for manual copy-pasting to CSV file. You will need Total PDF ConverterX to convert PRN to CSV via command line working on the server side. It is a full server version of desktop Total PDF Converter that works in a background mode.

For converting files to CSV user can set basic parameters like:

Green PlusCSV delimiter

Green PlusCSV string format

Green PlusConverting each page to a separate CSV file

These settings are specified in a conversion command that a user sends to PRN CSV converter script on a web server. This command also includes script name, source file(s) address, destination for the CSV copies and the target format. Using one command you can also process many files, and this will make the whole task much quicker.

As it is a server converter, this is a script without graphic interface, and all interaction between it and user is executed via command line. If you need to build a graphic shell for this server PRN converter and use it as a web application, you should use ActiveX. However, in basic configuration it works locally for computers connected to the network.

Total PDF ConverterX can process various printout file types into images, data tables, documents and even web pages. PRN to CSV conversion is just one of available features. Each format has its own parameters, and the program is maximally flexible in terms of adjustments. Custom settings, as well as the default formatting are available.

You can download the program here in a free trial version that has the full set of features for 30 days. Use it for your needs!

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   Updated Thu, 21 Oct 2021

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