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Convert PRN to DOC Command Line

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prn doc server converter

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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


Information from PRN files becomes easy editable and readable, if to export PRN to DOC. You can do this in silent mode, i.e. via command line, using Total PDF ConverterX. This server application works with file batches, making the process extremely fast! When you convert PRN to DOC via command line, all the process is executed on a server side. It would be useful to mention that it is available for many users at a time.

If to use Total PDF ConverterX in a standard way, you will need to create a conversion command and send it to the program. This command converts PRN to DOC on a server and outputs converted files back to you. No popup windows, progress bars, etc. - the process is fully silent for user. The command itself is very easy to compose. It should feature the following details:

Green PlusLocation of source PRN files

Green PlusLocation for future PDF copies

Green Plus-cPDF parameter that specifies conversion format

Green PlusA set of formatting parameters (not compulsory)

You can render specific kind of data to DOC files. For example, this can be text only or images only. This PRN DOC server converter exports every source PRN to a separate DOC file. You can even convert each page of PRN originals into a separate document. Converting many files at once, you can save much time. It is useful to convert PRN files in one batch, if you need to use the same conversion parameters to many sources.

If you wish to wrap Total PDF ConverterX into a graphic interface, you should use ActiveX technology. It also allows integrating the program with other web applications. Moreover, Total PDF ConverterX can be used as an SDK for developing your own apps.

Total PDF ConverterX is available in a trial version. Use in any way you wish!

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $159.90)
   Updated Mon, 08 Apr 2019
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