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Convert PRN to EPS Command Line

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Exporting information from one print file format to another is a complex task that requires correct data transformation mechanisms. Total PDF ConverterX features a smart data processing engine that works on a web server and performs such conversions in a background mode. It can easily convert PRN to EPS via command line with custom parameters set in the command. The program supports a batch mode, therefore conversion of many files take very short time.

Command line conversion using a server app has one big advantage - it can work for many users at once. The script processes conversion requests in turn. Every conversion command contains special parameters for formatting like:

Green PlusPage format

Green PlusDPI

Green PlusFile name template

By specifying these formatting options you can setup PRN EPS converter to produce EPS copies with specific formatting. The source files can be located on your computer or on a server, and converted copies will be stored in the location you set in the command.

Besides local use, Total PDF ConverterX can work as a remote online application, working for many users online. You can even integrate it into graphic interface and create a fully functioning web service. This is possible due to the support of the ActiveX technology.

Total PDF ConverterX supports a lot of printing formats such as PS, PDF, PCL, PPT, etc. Moreover, this server PRN converter can turn PRN documents to more common file types - DOC, RTF, JPEG, HTML files. This way information from PRN will become available for standard usage like editing and sharing online. Each format is set up manually or used with the default parameters, if no other settings are specified in the command.

You can download and install Total PDF ConverterX for free in a trial version. This is a full copy of desktop version adapted for server use. Test it on your server for free!

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