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Conversion from the command line is very often more convenient than using traditional GUI. Total PDF ConverterX does its job in silent mode. It is a PRN HTML server converter that has no graphic interface by default, but can be built into a custom GUI using ActiveX.

Actually, PRN to HTML conversion is only one of the available services. You can convert PRN, EPI, PDF, EPS and PS files into such file types:

Green PlusHTML

Green PlusDoc

Green PlusJPEG

Green PlusTIFF

Green PlusCSV

Green PlusTXT

In general there are more than 15 supported formats for conversion, and its range is often fulfilled with new file types. When you want to convert PRN to HTML via command line, you just need to specify HTML as the target format and send this command to a server, where Total PDF ConverterX is setup. A sample command is:

PDFConverter.exe \originals\*.prn \converted\ -cHTML

This command will convert all PRN files from "originals" folder to HTML format and store result files in "converted" folder. However, there is much more options available for this variant of conversion. You can set a file name template to name converted files in a specific way. There is ability to turn every page of PRN original files to a separate HTML page. It is also possible to save only texts or only images to HTML, skipping the rest of original files' content.

Total PDF ConverterX is integrable into other programs or interfaces by dint of ActiveX. While converting PRN to HTML on a server, user can work with the script via handy interface online or in the local network. It is highly comfortable that many users can run conversions using this program. No need to spend a lot of time on converting many files - convert all PRN files in batch.

You can get this universal PDF converter and adapt it for your needs. Download the script here.

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   Updated Thu, 21 Oct 2021

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