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Convert PRN to JPEG In Batch

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PRN to JPEG Converter


By aid of Total PDF Converter, you can convert PRN and other types of files to JPEG and other compressed formats. This converter will help you create platform-independent and compact images, which you can post and share online.

Besides, Total PDF Converter shows an easy way of converting PRN files to JPEG in batch. It is just as easy as converting one file. This is what singles this converter out from those you must have already tried. There are tons of tools that convert one file at a time, but there are few, if any, programs, which convert scores of files in one click. Total PDF Converter is exactly this kind of program.

Apart from new functions, Total PDF converter has a unique interface. It is laid out in such a way that it takes but a brief glance at it to see what you should do next. The wizard offers an array of parameters, which can help you achieve excellent image quality.

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Using Total PDF Converter is no great challenge:

Green PlusRun it and navigate the file tree. Locate the folder that contains your PRN files.

Green PlusClick on the folder to see a list of PRN files in the main panel. Check one or several files. If you wish to convert in batch, click 'Check All'. The entire collection will be checked automatically.

Green PlusSelect JPEG in the format bar or convert menu.

Green PlusUse the wizard to select appropriate parameters, which include destination folder, compression rate, conversion mode, DPI resolution, etc. The choice of the settings will influence image quality and file size, so you should take this section seriously. It is not absolutely imperative that you be an expert in this field. If you are uncertain about settings, you may not change anything and use the default settings, which are actually the most optimal. Whatever settings you choose, they will apply to all the files you have specified for conversion, regardless of their total amount.

Green PlusWhen you have specified the parameters, click 'Start' and wait until the conversion is complete. It will not take long for Total PDF Converter.

If you have bought this tool, there are a few more advanced features that you can use. Command line support enables you to convert PRN files from within any other application. The program integrates into the right-button menu, so you can convert your PRN files from the desktop.

If you wonder how it works, you can use the free 30-day trial version.

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Buy Total PDF Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Mon, 19 Jun 2017

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