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Convert PRN to PS Command Line

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Converting PRN to PS in a silent mode is possible with the help of Total PDF ConverterX. What does this mean? It means that all conversion process is made on the background, invisible for a user, and only a ready result (converted copies) is output to him. Total PDF ConverterX operates on a web server, not spending the resources of your computer for data processing. It is able to convert PRN to PS via command line and provide you will 100% correct copies of original files.

Command line conversion has a few advantages compared with converting files from GUI on the desktop:

Green Plusno need to launch one more app on your computer

Green Plusability to work for a lot of users

Green Plusno need to install PRN PS converter on every computer

Green Plusone command is enough for converting all the files

Total PDF ConverterX processes files in batch, it is useful for converting a lot of files together. For instance, you can combine all source PRN files into one result PS, or create separate PS copy for each PRN original. All the process is executed on the server side, and result files are sent to a user via network.

The script can be integrated into another application, as well as joined with graphic shell. All this is done with the help of ActiveX, supported by the program. This server PRN converter can become a part of your custom web service available for users online. Moreover, you can use it as SDK for developing other programs with PRN conversion features.

Before starting the use of Total PDF ConverterX you will need to setup it on a web server. Each conversion is done by sending a command to the script that enables file conversion, and the result is sent back to user. It is also possible to run fully automatic PRN to PS conversion using Total Folder Monitor.

You can try all this for free right now!

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
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