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Convert PRN to RTF Command Line

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You can convert PRN files to RTF format making them accessible via almost all text editors used today. RTF is a universal document format bigger in size than DOC or PDF, but it has one big advantage - universal compatibility. You can convert PRN to RTF via command line in Total PDF ConverterX.

This server application supports PRN as a source format, together with PDF, PS, EPS and EPI. Conversion to RTF doesn't imply setting any parameters except location for future RTF copies. The program will just export PRN data to a new format. If converting from the command line is unusual for you, don't worry. Soon you will get familiar with it and use without any problems. To enable PRN RTF server converter you don't need to do anything difficult:

Green PlusFirst you need to allocate all PRN originals in one folder

Green PlusThen create a command for conversion

Green PlusSend it to the program on a web server

Green PlusReceive your files properly converted

A typical command for converting PRN to RTF looks like this:

PDFConverterX.exe C:\Documents\*.prn C:\Converted -cRTF

You will get all RTF files from the Documents folder converted into RTF and stored in the Converted folder. The entire process is executed in a background mode, you will see no popups or progress bar on your screen. If you need to integrate the program into GUI, use ActiveX. This technology is supported by this server PRN converter and helps to integrate it into other apps or graphic shells.

You can also use Total PDF ConverterX for turning PRN files to PDF, Doc, JPEG, PNG and other formats. There is a lot of file types supported. With the help of this program poorly supported and non-usable PRN files can become text documents or images that are easy to handle and edit. Try the program in a trial version and make sure it features the options you need!

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