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Convert PS to PNG Command Line

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When converting PS files to images, quality is often critical. In this case it is reasonable to convert PS to PNG. This compact image format provides lossless quality. To provide ability to export PS files into PNG in batches, use Total PDF ConverterX. It is a server application that can also be used as PS to PNG SDK for programming C# and ASP converters.

It is not required to install Total PDF ConverterX on each computer in your corporate network. One single script setup on a web server is enough for all network users. This PS PNG server converter is run via command line. The users send conversion commands to the server and get their files converted in turn. It is possible to convert many files at once, applying the same formatting for the whole batch. The following settings are available for exporting to PNG:

Green PlusAdjustable DPI

Green PlusA few page processing modes

Green PlusFile name template

These optional settings are specified by proper convert PS to PNG command line parameters. If no formatting is required, it is enough to specify location of source files, destination for the desired PNG copies and the target format (PNG).

If you are going to use Total PDF ConverterX for programming your own PS to PNG C# converter, you may use ready code samples wchich are included into the package. They will help you to port SDK code into your own project. This library contains all necessary functions already coded. It is also suitable for converting PS to PNG ASP converting tools.

User interface can be integrated with the program code using ActiveX. It will give users ability to manage conversions via graphic shell instead of command line. By default for converting PS to PNG no GUI is available, as Total PDF ConverterX is a script for backend. It is fully flexible to be ported into any UI you need.

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