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Very few programs have PS to Unicode TXT export feature in standard package. That is why such data export is a problem. You can add it to your own programs using PS to Unicode SDK offered by CoolUtils. Total PDF ConverterX is a server script that converts PDF, PS, EPS files to various modern file types.

Total PDF ConverterX is a very flexible converting tool for web servers. It provides not only plain data export from one format to another, but also helps to setup specific formatting for the future file copies. For converting PS to Unicode no GUI is available. In conversion requests users specify the destination for Unicode copies, the target format and additional parameters, such as:

Green PlusThe source files separation (for converting each PS page to a separate Unicode file)

Green PlusThe source files combination (for converting all PS sources to one Unicode file)

Green PlusDeleting the source files after conversion for saving memory space

These settings are optional convert PS to Unicode command line parameters that can be skipped. If a few files converted by one command, those parameters will be applied to all files. As a result you will get Unicode copies formatted in the same way.

Being a PS Unicode server converter, it doesn't require a separate license for each user. You need to install and setup it only once for all the users. With the help of Total Folder Monitor you can make conversions fully automatic.

The code of Total PDF ConverterX is open for licensed users. You can use it as a basis for developing your own tools for PS conversion. Ready code samples show how to use Total PDF ConverterX for programming PS to Unicode C# converter. It is much faster than developing such solution from scratch. All functions are already programmed, just copy and paste them into your own code. In the same way you can build PS to Unicode ASP converters, spending minimum time for maximal result.

Get a trial version of Total PDF ConverterX for a test.

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Thu, 21 Oct 2021
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