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How to Convert PS to BMP in Batch?

Did you ever hear someone saying they need to convert PS to BMP and wonder what PS stands for and why conversion is so important? If you did, you might be interested to get the answers to your questions.

PS (which is also often referred to as Post Script) is a dynamically typed concatenative programming language used by print service providers, publishers, corporations, and government agencies for printing of visually rich documents. As for BMP (or Bitmapped format), you must have heard many times of it; this is one of the most popular image formats developed long ago. Unlike PS, which is only compatible with expensive programs by Adobe, BMP can be opened with virtually any image viewer, including Paint.

Of course, this is the most important reason why users want to convert post script to BMP. Now, we'll tell you about the simplest and yet most efficient way to convert PS to BMP in batch.

You should use PS BMP converter, for example, Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils. Even though the program name says it's a PDF converter, in fact, this is a multifunctional tool that can be used to process documents saved in PDF and PS as well as in EPS and PRN.

To easily convert PS to BMP, all you need to do is download and install batch PS converter by CoolUtils. For this,

  • Go to the official website of CoolUtils and get either the free trial version of Total PDF Converter or buy a license
  • Install the application
  • Select PS documents you want to convert
  • Enjoy automatic conversion with default settings or make your own!

  • Regardless of whether you are converting one or several files, the PS-BMP conversion process is guaranteed to take only a few moments! Do not hesitate and try this unique tool right now for free.

To learn more about Total PDF Converter, Total PDF ConverterX, and other CoolUtils products and special deals, contact customer support service available 24/7. Please note that free customization is available.

Free online PS to BMP converter

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