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PostScript format, which is more often referred to as PS, is widely used for saving image files containing vector graphics, raster graphics, and even text. Even though these files can be easily printed a PostScript printer, many computer users tend to edit them in graphic applications or print them with printers different from PostScript.

If you still want to print PS files without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new printer, you should consider converting PS to HPGL. HPGL is printer instruction file based on the plotter language developed by Hewlett-Packard. Typically, this format is used for sending information to plotter printers, which draw images using lines instead of dots like an ordinary laser or inkjet printer.

The simplest way to convert PS into HPGL is use a special PS HPGL converter, like Total PDF to DXF Converter by CoolUtils. This tool is a high-quality converter that is designed to process not only PS and HPGL files but also other formats. They include PDF, EPS, EPI and PRN, while the supported output formats are DFX, SVG, CGM, and HPG.

Another feature that makes Total PDF to DXF Converter stand out from other applications of this type is batch conversion mode. With batch conversion, you can convert PS to HPGL in batch in only a few minutes. Simply select all the PS files you wish to process, set target format and enjoy high-quality conversion.

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The only 3 things you need to do to convert files, are:

  1. Download Total PDF to DXF Converter from CoolUtils website You can choose between the free 30-day trial version or the fully functional paid version.
  2. Install the program and launch it via command line, Start menu or desktop icon.
  3. Select PS files you want to convert and set HPGL as target format.

To download your free trial version of Total PDF to DXF Converter, click here!

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Buy Total PDF to DXF Converter NOW!
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   Updated Sat, 20 Jun 2020

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