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Convert PSD to PS In Batch

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batch image converter

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convert psd to ps in batch

This is a kind of image converter, which helps you leave behind the hard times when you had to convert images one by one. With Total Image Converter, you can convert many PSD images to PS in one go. You are not required to be an expert. You will see how it works after just one session! This converter features an easy-to-follow interface and a number of facilities, which save you the necessity of following complicated procedures.

Using this converter is sheer entertainment. The program works by itself. What you are required to do is guide it the right way, and it will guide you. This sort of mutual guiding results in top performance and quick output. You can shape your PS images according to you preferences and save them in a specified folder. Besides, you can preview images, assess and adjust output quality.

download batch image converter

How to Use this Batch Image Converter

Batch-converting PSD images to PS is not difficult at all.

  1. When you convert one or a few images, you check them manually in the image list. If you are going to convert PSD to PS in batch, you simply click 'Check All' button, and the program checks all the files automatically. Prior to marking your files for conversion, you should navigate the folder tree and select the folder with PSD images.

  2. If you click on an image in the image list, it will be displayed in the viewer. Here you can rotate it. There are a few more options above the image list, which, apart from Rotate option, include Cut, Crop, Watermark options.

  3. When you have outlined the look of your future PS image, click PS in the format toolbar or select the target format using Convert menu. The wizard will command you to specify destination folder and the options mentioned above. Also, there are image quality options, which you can either skip or, if you have experience, adjust according to your individual preferences.

  4. When you have made all the adjustments, click 'Start'.

This PSD converter can be launched from the desktop by right-clicking on a PSD file and selecting Convert to in the right-button manu. Command line option enables you to run the program from within other applications.

Buy Total Image Converter or use the free trial version. This version is valid for thirty days. If you register, you will be able to use all of the program's newly added features and enjoy free support and updates.

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