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How to Bulk Convert PST & OST Files to PDF To Archive Outlook Email

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PST or OST format is used for archiving emails on user's computer, updating the storage each time it connects to a mail server. What you see inside Microsoft Outlook program is the content of your storage file. To free up your mail client from old emails but not lose important information, you can convert emails from PST or OST to PDF, and then delete them from Outlook.

Total Outlook Converter Pro supports both PST and OST files and can convert their content into PDF, including attachments. Ability to export or save attached files from mail storage files is what differs Pro version from the standard one. Being a batch converter, it is suitable for quick and easy processing of the entire mailbox.

You can combine all emails into one PDF file. This is a perfect way to make compact one-file backup. You are free to insert attached messages into a PDF mail copy. Attached emails or documents can be exported to PDF too or saved in their original formats to a folder. If you have attached archives, media files or programs, you can extract them from storage file too.

Converted copies can be protected by encryption. PDF supports password protection, and Total Outlook Converter Pro allows setting two passwords for PDF copy - one with full permissions and one with limited set of permissions. The look-and-feel of PDF copies is fully adjustable too.

How to bulk convert PST and OST files to PDF:

Green PlusInstall Pro version and run it

Green PlusChoose PST or OST file to export mail history into the converter

Green PlusSelect messages that need to be converted to PDF

Green PlusPress PDF icon on the top

Green PlusSelect required parameters including attachment processing settings

Green PlusPress Start!

Try Total Outlook Converter Pro and see how easy bulk mail conversion can be!

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Buy Total Outlook Converter Pro NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Fri, 21 Jan 2022
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