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Convert PST to JPEG


With so much of our communication occurring through email, our inboxes tend to fill up after awhile causing Microsoft Outlook to slow down. To get your email client operating smoothly again, archive all those old Outlook emails by converting and saving them as a different format. Not only does the PST format take up a lot of space... it's not very shareable. With Total Outlook Converter, we've developed a fantastic tool that lets you convert PST to JPEG (and other more universal formats like PDF, DOC, TXT, etc.).

When you save PST to JPEG using Total Outlook Converter you'll discover that it's possible to make your target JPEG cooler than the original PST. That's because our conversion utility is loaded with customization features that enhance the functionality of your files. Even the look and feel of your files can be modified with our Outlook converter.

  • Specify font.
  • Include page numeration.
  • Add in headers and footers (great for adding any notes like Confidential, etc.).
  • Fit to page and specify margins.
  • Export selected fields (sender, recipient, subject, etc).
  • Modify appearance with internal/external CSS files.

We also let you customize and control your email attachments. You can choose to save them to a new file, convert attached messages to a different format, or leave them as is. Set up whisper quiet, behind-the-scenes, automated jobs by accessing the command line. Or, let our user-friendly GUI guide you through the process. Whatever your skill level, the Total Outlook Converter can benefit your work flow.

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Get started converting PST into JPEG today by downloading our free trial. For only $49.90 you can upgrade to the licensed version and gain access to our great support crew. Along with that, you'll get free upgrades during the first year. While there are other converters out there, none of them come close to offering you the flexibility and utility that comes with our 14 years experience developing awesome conversion apps.

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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


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Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022

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