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Total Outlook Converter

Convert PST to Text And Reach Emails Without Outlook

PST is also known as Outlook Personal Information Store File, and is used for storing personal information by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange; it includes e-mail folders, contacts, addresses, and other data. PST files can be viewed with special applications (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Outlook Express) but not every user has them on his or her computer. Most people prefer to back up PST emails as TXT files. TXT can be opened on every pc and the file size if usually very humble.

If you choose to convert PST to Text try Total Outlook Converter by CoolUtils. It is a specialized email converter designed to convert PST and OST files to Text, DOC (WORD), PDF, HTML, XHTML, TIFF, JPEG, and EML. This program has numerous advantages:

  • PST files can be very large in size. Unlike other email converters, Total Outlook Converter can easily process them.
  • It allows to add your watermarks when converting emails (your company name or confidential note; it's great for bates stamping too!)
  • It can give converted emails and attachments new descriptive names.
  • It offers several ways to process attachments.
  • It can stick to universal coordinated time if you recieve emails in different time zones.
  • It has intuitive graphic user interface making it easy to master the program even for beginners
  • It can be run via command line (we also offer a server version with ActiveX).

All you need to do to save PST file as text is:

  1. Download Total Outlook Converter. CoolUtils offers everyone to try the PST converter for free. Download a free 30-day trial version and enjoy the program for 1 month at no charge!

  2. Launch Total Outlook Converter. Select PST files for conversion. Total Outlook Converter automatically creates a list of available PST files.

  3. Check the emails or folders that you want to convert to TXT. Click "Start!" to proceed with default settings.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


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