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Convert PXL to PDF or PDF/A in Batch


CoolUtils Total Excel Converter is the best application to convert the .pxl (PXL) file format used for spreadsheets on mobile devices into PDF or PDF/A files. Changing PXL to PDF effectively 'freezes' the data from a spreadsheet's cells in place, which allows you to send it without concerns over unintended changes in transition or by the recipient.


  • Converting PXL files to PDF allows you to add certificates and password protection for sensitive files, granting protection against the document's contents getting viewed by unintended recipients. You can also change the file to a non-searchable document, which prevents copy/cut-and-paste of its text.
  • Change the headers, footers, paper size, and overall appearance of the file during conversion to better suit its intended purpose. You can embed fonts so they are certain to appear as intended no matter the recipient's platform, and insert kerning to preserve the spaces between blocks of text and present a clean visual.
  • Add all contents of a batch job into a single PDF file, or arrange them into several documents. Save templates from each job to make future operations more efficient.
  • Insert page counters for easier navigation within the output PDF.
  • A simple checkbox changes the format from PDF to PDF/A, which are the same as PDF files except better suited for long-term archiving.
  • Compression has three settings - fastest, normal, and maximum - that effect the file size directly. Higher levels of compression will save valuable hard drive space, but will take longer to convert.

Our Total Excel Converter is available to try out for 30 days, risk free, and single personal licenses are available for $49.90. Companies with 10+ users can apply for a site license and get a significant discount. The server version without any GUI is available too.

We are confident that once you start up our PXL PDF converter and complete your first conversion, you'll see how simple it can be to produce reports from most file formats. It currently supports conversion from PXL to 24 different formats, including DOC, HTML, JPEG, XML, SQL, XLSX and LaTeX. See the pages listed below for other conversions, or call us toll free at 1-888-803-4224 with any questions.

Total Excel Converter runs fine on Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10.



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Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022

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Latest News

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  • In the updated Total Doc Converter an export to XHTML format is improved.
  • The updated Total CSV Converter can convert the files with over a million lines.
  • New PDF Combine Pro can create multiple line headers and footers.
  • In the new Total PDF Converter , the conversion from xps\oxps to docx was significantly improved.
  • Online converter now supports Biological Formats spe; nd2; pds; lsm; sif; fpf; vff; nmr; zvi; dm3; isac; afm; ser; mri.

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