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  In order to print or edit photos made by Pentax digital cameras, you should convert PEF originals to JPEG or TIFF, or any other bitmap format. PEF is a default format for saving images captured by camera sensor, it is like a photo negative that doesn't contain the picture in a way people used to view them. They contain information that fully describes what camera ‘sees' but the exact image is built by processor.

Total Image Converter can solve a lot of PEF shortcomings like these:

  • Incompatibility with image viewers
  • Inability to print PEF photos
  • Inability to edit PEF files in graphic editors
  • Big file size, unsuitable for storage
  • Inability to publish photos online.

The aforementioned limitations in using PEF photos can be removed by converting them to another image format with the help of PEF converter. The solution from CoolUtils supports all major image formats used today, user is able to choose any he needs. This can be JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP or one of other 30 supported formats. The conversion process takes less than a minute, and includes the next steps:

  1. Checking off the sources from program navigation menu: no source file list is required that saves more time.
  2. Choosing the format for conversion: choose any of 30 available formats for your specific purposes.
  3. Adjusting conversion options: choose the required size, quality and compression options and others and click ‘Start!'

What differs this Pentax image converter from others is that the process is the same for any number of files. When processing photos from camera, there are usually dozens of images and converting them one by one will take a lot of time.

Here you convert all of them, even the whole photo folder within a few seconds. Handy and useful Total Image Converter is already available for using. After installing it on your PC, and you will be given with 30 days of free using to test all its features.

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   Updated Thu, 02 Dec 2021

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