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Robust and Versatile Print Manager for File and Folder Lists

Print Maestro is the latest upgrade of a versatile print manager that enables print-outs of file and folder lists in various formats and with different attributes. Special support for multimedia files makes it a perfect inventory keeper.

The latest version of Print Maestro print manager from Softplicity offers an assortment of useful print modes for file lists and folders. The functionality found in Print Maestro 2.5 extends standard print options and facilitates data management and storage. The program enables print-outs with the complete list of file properties. Support for various multimedia properties allows users to instantly create an inventory of multimedia files stored on a drive. It can also bring order into fragmented backup data. A single-click print-out will relieve users of vexing search through backup storage media. A choice of report formats and export features provides for various needs and data formats.

“Print Maestro accumulates the improvements made in five years it has been marketed,” says Alexander Buzaev, CEO of Softplicity. “Most of the improvements resulted from users' feedback. With their help we widened the program's functionality and made the interface friendlier. Besides a dozen preset forms, Print Maestro allows you to create unique custom reports to meet more specific needs. The option of export to HTML, PDF and RTF formats should also facilitate the exchange of file lists over the net. Reports can now be easily sent as compact email attachments or published on the web.”

The program's multi-frame window allows browsing through folders, sorting their content, and previewing print-outs at the same time. Print Maestro offers a number of sorting criteria to better organize files and folders on the list. The preview window instantly shows what the print-out will look like. In addition, preference options allow fine-tuning the design of print pages.

Print Maestro offers both standard and multimedia report forms. Folders appear on print-outs as a tree or a list, with or without subfolders and files. The additional size information can prop up a folder list. Standard forms for files also provide a detailed list of attributes. Multimedia reports should meet the needs of those music-lovers and video connoisseurs who wish their lists to reflect the full spectrum of available file properties. The list of properties embraces general information, like Artist, Title, Duration, and Copyright, as well as more specific Codec, Bitrate, Channels, and other details. Likewise, multimedia reports support EXIF fields in image extensions, such as Date, Orientation, Exposure etc. Built to meet users' various needs, Print Maestro is an ideal print manager for file inventory keeping.

Print Maestro Features at a Glance

  • Multi-frame window with instant preview
  • Support for multimedia properties: video (Width, Height, Codec, Aspect Ratio), audio (Artist, Title, Album, Comment, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags), and images (Create date, Orientation, Exposure time, Width, Height)
  • File version reports (Company Name, Version Info, Copyright, Product version)
  • Reports in 7 preset Standard modes and 5 Multimedia modes
  • Export into HTML, PDF or RTF
  • User-set custom modes

Availability and Pricing Print Maestro runs under Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP platforms and costs 24.50 USD for a single-user edition. Flexible discount policy is available for bulk orders. All registered users are entitled to free technical support. A fully functional trial version is available for download at

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