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Total PDF Printer is developed for making printing PDF documents simple and fast. If you need to print a lot of documents every day, the batch print PDF and select printing quality option will be a big help to automate this process. No more need to make adjustments for printing each document, no need to monitor the process for avoiding improperly printed pages. Total PDF Printer is in charge now!

This handy program features a lot of advantages, including:

  • You can assign printing tasks for multiple printers and trays;
  • You print PDFs and save ink selecting printing quality (high, medium, draft)
  • You can adjust paper orientation or rely on auto-rotate option
  • You can use fit-to-page option when you have a lot of different PDF files
  • You can print files in batch via command line or user interface

Total PDF Printer will automatically detect all printers connected to your computer. When making settings, you can select any available printer and tray. This is very useful when you have a lot of printing devices.

Total PDF Printer easily solves the problem of page orientation. If the document pages are oriented not in the way you printer is set, these pages will be automatically rotated by the program.

Printing quality is essential when printing multiple documents daily. You can select one of 3 quality levels for your batch print PDF task, depending on your requirements. The higher printing quality leads to the more ink spent. Draft quality is the lowest, but it's cheap and good enough for many documents.

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If you are not sure how to print PDF files, what settings to use, a few simple experiments with settings wizard will help to get the perfect result. Total PDF Printer is a very easy to use tool. The wizard of the program helps you make all the settings. If you want to print PDF files via command line, just make all the settings in the GUI and then get a ready-to-use bat file. There is no need to learn the parameters!

Get Total PDF Printer in free trial to test how it interacts with your printer. You will like the result. When you are ready, select your license and place an order. The prices start from $49.90. You won't find a better value!

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