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Automatically Convert Arriving Invoices

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Case: I process invoices that arrive from my clients to a certain folder. To reduce manual work I want a program to monitor that folder and when a new invoice arrives convert it to TIFF. I also want the program to create a list of processed invoices as a separate file. Everything should run automatically without any touching even when I am not logged into the system.

CoolUtils offer a brilliant solution: Total Folder Monitor. One simple program can do everything I need and it takes just 10 minutes to set all the parameters. It saves me loads of time!

These are the steps that I should take to automatically convert all incoming invoices.

First I should launch Total Folder Monitor and set new task. I press the button with paper roll.

The wizard of the program helps me to make all the settings. First of all I give name to the task. Let it be Invoice.

Then we set the properties of the task. I set what folder Total Folder Monitor should watch (C:/CoolUtils/Documents) and the conditions when it should convert the invoices. I do not want the program to start conversion once every single invoice arrives. So I set the limit of 5 files. It means that Total Foder Monitor will get active when there are at least 5 files in the assigned folder. Besides, one invoices may arrive in 3 separate files. To prevent the program from splitting these files I set the timeout of 30 seconds. In other words after Total Folder Monitor detects 5 or more files in the folder it will wait for additional 30 seconds before it starts executing the action (converting in my case).

In the main interface I see that the task Invoice is added to the task list on the left. I click on Define a new action to actually define a new action - conversion of invoices from PDF to TIFF.

In the wizard I select Convert PDF document and set all the parameters of the conversion (target format, destination, page breaks, file name template).

After that I go to the main interface and set another action - create a file list. I need to see what invoices were converted.

So now the task Invoice for Total Folder Monitor with 2 actions is ready. I press Run Project button and the task becomes active.

So now I have to test the system. I move 5 PDF files to the designated folder and see what happens. Few minutes later I find the converted invoices as TIFF files in the destination folder and the list of converted files. That means that I set everything correctly and Total Folder Monitor processes the files in the right way.

But I want the whole process to run even when I am logged out. I press the wheel button and set current project for service. Now my invoices are processed fully automatically.

This is just one example of how Total Folder Monitor can automatically watch any folder and execute a predefined action. There are hundreds of other combinations including printing files, checking availability of the host, archiving new files, terminating task or project, etc. No matter what exact action you select. Anyway Total Folder Monitor will do the task flawlessly and fully automatically reducing your work.

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Buy Total Folder Monitor NOW!
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   Updated Wed, 21 Oct 2020

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