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Invoices are itemized lists issued by sellers to buyers indicating the products, quantities, prices, etc. So the more successful a firm, the higher the sales volume; and the higher the sales volume, the more invoices to process.

Invoice processing involves many steps. As invoices arrive, they are classified and sorted into different categories. They are then forwarded to the persons responsible, who match them against the orders to check if all is correct. Once satisfied, the invoices are signed and approved, and finally posted into the accounting system. Although all this sounds simple, it involves a lot of time and hard work. If a company uses paper-based invoice processing, the number of hours spent per year may be countless, not to speak of the thousands of dollars that go into it.

This problem has significantly been reduced by technological progress. Most paperwork in offices today has been replaced with computers. Software have been created to do specific jobs… even invoice processing. There are several invoice processing software in the market today and most companies now use these.

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Total Folder Monitor from CoolUtils automatically watches any folder and processes incoming invoices as you need.

  • It may sort out invoices by various criteria: OCR-ed or not, by customer's name or number.
  • It may automatically convert any arriving invoice to other format (TIFF to PDF, PDF to TIFF, HTML, TXT, DOC, etc.)
  • It may move the new invoice to the designated folder for a perfect order on your pc.
  • It may rename incoming invoices by various template.
  • It may produce any custom action that you need. The advantage of Total Folder Monitor is that everything is done automatically not involving any human resources. The manual work can be reduced by 70%!

    Total Folder Monitor is not complicated at all. But if you feel at a loss don't hesitate to contact us for an advice. Our tech people will help you to select the options for your particular case absolutely free. Being developers not resellers we can customize Total Folder Monitor specially for your invoice routines. Download your free trial copy now to process invoices automatically and get rid of manual invoice processing.

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  • Buy Total Folder Monitor NOW!
    (only $99.00)
       Updated Wed, 28 Oct 2020

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