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We develop first-class software products. But one should try them before he or she knows that for sure. That's why we offer free keys to our reviewers. It a good chance to test the program and learn all its advantages.

Who May Apply

Everyone who spreads the word via internet. Journalists, software reviewers, editors of software archives. If you have a software-related blog with PR3+ you may apply as well. Note that you write your own opinion about CoolUtils programs. If you find any shortcomings of our software you may freely tell your readers about them. It's fair enough.

If you are interested please fill in the form below:

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Latest posts in our blog:

videoconverter Convert Videos From YouTube
Right after we have added the option of converting audio from YouTube clips to Total Audio Converter we got numerous emails from our customers. All of them asked (demanded) us to add the same option to Total Movie Converter. That's fair enough - a good video converter must be able to convert videos from YouTube directly. (more»)

CombineTIFF Convert Several Files Into One
This is all about combining more than converting. Imagine you have 9 folders with 5 TIFF files in each. You need to combine those TIFF files within folders and get 9 TIFF files as a result. Normally one would combine each folder with some TIFF combining utility. That may take hours if you have 100+ folders with faxes or invoices. CoolUtils offers a far mor convenient solution. (more»)

XLSconverter Convert Excel Sheets into One TXT File
When you need to convert XLS sheets into a text file you easily find hundreds of solutions. But not all of them are worth your time and money. Let's leave alone the crap programs that do not convert XLS files properly. Some good programs from serious developers are still limited in options you may need. (more»)

ConvertMSG Convert MSG - update for Exchange
An important update of Total Mail Converter is available. Now it deals with emails from Microsoft Exchange far better. Now you may archive your business correspondence in the most comfortable way. (more»)

SlideShowMaker Find out for to create astonishing slide shows out of your photos in 3 simple steps for free. We have been selling a slide show maker called Image Box for several years before we created a free PhotoMusic. How come? We have been gathering the info about our clients and we know a lot about them now. We know what they want and how they want it to be. (more»)

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