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Quick Unplug   

Quick Unplug safely removes your USB devices.

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A new solution for those who often uses different USB devices. Quick Unplug allows you to safely remove any USB device without any routine. It's quite gangerous to unplug a USB device without any precautions - some important info can be damaged. Sure there is built-in Windows method of safe removing USB devices, but it is time taking and really boring.

Quick Unplug is far more convenient due to its unique features. The first one allows to safely unplug USB devices via command line. No GUI - no additional clicks. Quick and easy. Second, Quick Unplug displays the disks on the USB device that has been plugged in. Third, if you are accustomed to handle programs via GUI, there is one for you. The interface of QuickUnplu is so intuitive that even a beginner will figure out how it works in seconds.

Quick Unplug give you full control over connection\disconnection of USB devices. When you connect a device, Quick Unplug displays its name and disk. Quick Unplug can also launch some assigned program if you like. Imagine you connect USB device with photos and Quick Unplug automatically launches some viewer for you. Quick Unplug is a most convenient tool to safely remove USB devices.

Buy Quick Unplug NOW!
(only $24.50)




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Windows 8 Compatible
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