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Convert RAW to TGA in Batch

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Convert RAW to TGA in Batch

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True vision TGA format (also commonly known as TARGA), is a raster graphics file format mainly used for computer graphics and video editing. Just as the RAW format, it is primarily targeted at professionals and, therefore, requires high quality software. In a situation when you face a need to convert RAW into TGA, you should definitely use a professional RAW photo converter instead of relying on a free online tool. Total Image Converter from CoolUtils is exactly what you need! Guaranteed quality of conversion and extended functionality make this image converter a preferred tool for most professionals.

Convert RAW, TGA, JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF and many other formats, using Total Image Converter. Convert Raw to TGA in batch with batch conversion mode. Transform output images, and find other helpful options!

To convert files with Total Image Converter please do the following:

Green PlusDownload image converter. CoolUtils is pleased to offer you a 30-day trial version of the tool. It is fully functional and there is no obligation. Try it today!

download image converter

Green PlusLaunch the converter. For quick and easy access use command line. Or check out the intuitive user interface of Total Image Converter!

Green PlusSelect the RAW images that you want to convert. With the batch mode enabled you can process over a hundred of RAW files at once.

Green PlusSet TGA as the target format. You can begin RAW-TGA convertion with the default settings or adjust them to your personal preferences. All the changes will be applied to all output files, if you are using batch mode.

Convert RAW to TGA in Batch

Convert RAW into TGA in a quick and easy manner with Image Converter, and you'll never want to use online image converters again! 100% satisfaction and quality are guaranteed!

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