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Problems Registering Total HTML ConverterX on the server

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We often get emails from our users complaining on registration problems. This article describes step-by-step instruction to register Total HTML ConverterX on a server without hassle.

"We are having a problem with HTMLConverterX on our Windows 2000/2003 server. We registered the .key file, still the "HTML ActiveX demo" program doesn't work. We get a "Class not registered" error and the log details below. If we call the active X control in the server, we get a "System.Exception: Cannot create ActiveX component" error. This happens only on our server, it does works on my localhost (Windows XP). I have un-install and installed the program several times, then registered again and still get those errors. Please help!"

"We installed TotalHTMLConverterX and registered it on a Widows Sever 2000/2003 environment. However, it will not work and gives a message that the ActiveX is not registered. Even the demo program does not work. Is TotalHTMLConverterX compatible with Windows Server 2000/2003? If so, what else could be wrong?"

First of all you must have the administrator rights to register Total HTML ConverterX on the server.

Normally internet information server (IIS) works under default account, not the administrator's account. When you want to use our dll you face the problem: either Explorer can not open the page or the internet page or server hang up. You get request page time out message

To resolve it you should make these simple steps. Login into that account where internet server runs and register ActiveX there.
There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Reinstall converterX
  2. Type regsvr32 C:\YourPath\HTMLConverter.dll in command line

After that make sure that the dll was registered. Try to convert any html file with this executable file: axHTMLDev.exe. If it converts all right ActiveX was successfully installed to your system.

Now you have to register the dll with the key you obtained after the purchase. Run htmlconveterx.exe. Press Register button and enter the key. That's it! These simple steps prevent your server from hanging up.

P.S. In case you did all the steps described above and still get the error"ActiveX not registered", you did that without administrator rights.

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021
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