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Resize JPEG Images in Batch

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With Total Image Converter you do not need additional software for resizing pictures. It has a built-in image editor that allows you to resize JPEG images in batch for further conversion. If you do not need to convert images to another format, the program will save the cropped fragment as a new file of the same type.

Different types of resizing are available:

Green PlusStretching to a rectangle

Green PlusThumbnail resize (inscribing into rectangle)

Green PlusAdjusting (describing over rectangle)

Besides these predefined modes you can simply resize the image by specifying height and width in pixels. As the converter can resize photos in batch, you can adjust all of them to one size. It takes only a minute to set a new size for all images. You can change the size from the quick editing bar, if no conversion to another format is needed. First you need to find the source JPEG images in your memory folders through the navigation panel, check them in the file list and press the "Resize" icon. In the popup tabs you can make desired size settings. After all parameters are setup, press "Start!" This is how to resize JPEG images without conversion.

Crop JPEG Images in Batch

Additionally each conversion mode has a built-in resizer. If you setup the height and width, all images in batch will be adapted to the new dimensions. First, the original images change their size and then are converted into the selected format. New images are saved into separate files.

There is a handy option for saving proportions. If you change width or height, the other dimension is changed accordingly. You also can set a specific destination for saving the resized copy. This folder is opened automatically after resizing is completed. You can check the results on the go. This smart image converter features a built-in file viewer, so you can view resized images directly in the program.

Download Total Image Converter to edit your own images quickly. It is available in a free trial version here.

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