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Convert SR2 to PDF (Sony's RAW Photos)


We are delighted to announce that our Total Image Converter software now supports Sony's SR2 RAW image format.

The type of RAW files associated with digital cameras are wonderful in terms of capturing detail but they quickly become an organizational hassle in terms of storage and portability. At some stage you will need to convert them and PDFs are often a sensible solution.

If you are trying to convert SR2 to PDF in batch, it's a time consuming and tedious process trying to do it in most applications. What you really need is a batch image converter that can handle the job efficiently in just a few minutes regardless of how many photos you are dealing with.

In addition to being an excellent SR2 PDF converter, this excellent batch image converter also ships with an impressive set of additional features:

  • Perform simple editing tasks such as cropping, resizing and rotating without having to shell out on expensive image editing software.
  • Simply and quickly add watermarks to your images.
  • Convert images to black and white.
  • With PDFs you can also add password protection to your files, set user permissions and add digital signatures.

You will also be able to control specific PDF page level options such as paper size and margins and take advantage of Fit-to-page functionality - a huge timesaver in bulk when you consider the manual alternative.

Total Image Converter supports a simply enormous amount of input and output formats so, no matter how obscure your requirements are, you are certain to be covered.

The software can be run either directly via the command line or you can take advantage of its sophisticated but easy to use graphical interface. An ActiveX-enabled version of the software is also available that can be run over a network or used by your own applications.

We are confident you will not find a similar range of functionality available anywhere else on the web at anything near the affordable price of Total Image Converter.

Take the software for a spin today before buying by downloading a completely free, feature-enabled, 30-day trial download. You will be blown away by its power and ease of use!


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Updated Thu, 02 Dec 2021

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